Home Insemination Kit- Cheery With Joy

Today I am delighted because my wife’s pregnancy report has come positive. Now we are entering parenthood, and it is an excellent experience for us. But, Guys, it was not so easy for us because my sperm motility rate was low, due to which my wife was not able to conceive a pregnancy.

So we were planning for IVF, but we could not execute it due to some financial issues. Suddenly, one of my friends texted me at Whtsapp about a home insemination kit as he is a health blogger, and he was promoting his blog.

I asked him about the home insemination kit; he said that yes, you could inseminate your partner with the help of the home insemination kit,  and he also suggested to me Subhag V- conceive home insemination kit.

And for me, it was like a drowning had got the help of straws.

Guy, you won’t believe we reached the doctor the next day and talked to him about the home insemination kit; the doctor recommended some tests. After 2 days, when the report came, the doctor permitted us to use a home insemination kit for the insemination.

I ordered the Subhag V-conceive from the doctor’s clinic only and left the clinic with happiness. I was so happy because the home insemination kit was in my budget, and the best part about this is you can inseminate with complete privacy even in your bedroom. And the handling of this kit doesn’t need any medical experience.

Guys, you are also planning for kids but not conceiving with normal intercourse, then try a home insemination kit, but yes, before you try this, do consult your Gynecologist. Wait, there is nothing wrong with the home insemination kit, but still asking your doctor gives you a better knowledge of handling.

There are a few more factors that you should consider while inseminating. This is nothing but knowing the menstrual cycle because there is the non-fertile period during the menstrual cycle, and inseminating during the non-fertile period of the menstrual cycle will not give you the desired result. Although almost all women are aware of this, asking your doctor is not a wrong decision.

Also, handling the Subhag V conceive home insemination kit is relatively easy. And now you must be thinking about how to use this kit, so below are the step you should follow

  • Collect the sperm in a container given with the home insemination kit
  • Fill the syringe with the sperm
  • Insert the syringe inside the vagina and inject the sperm
  • Now pull out the syringe

See how simple it is. This process can be achieved even in the bedroom and with complete privacy. The home insemination kit injects the sperm slightly closer to the uterus as a result, and the sperm don’t need to travel much to reach the place where the egg is located. So this is good for those people who have low sperm motility.

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So now, no more delay in pregnancy. Contact your Gynecologist and get your test done. And ask them about home insemination. If they suggest you get it done, then order a home insemination kit like Subhag V-conceive and get it done with complete privacy.

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