Ideas For Romantic Getaways In Paris

Watch The Sunset at Butte Bergeyre

There’s a sundown drinks spot with a great view of the Sacré-Cœur, on the edge of a secret village on a hill in the East of Paris. As the sun goes down from the Paris’ rooftops, you will find yourself looking over a private vineyard. There is just one bench, and it is undoubtedly reserved for lovers.

The streets are very quiet up here, and the path is filled with stones which you will stumble upon when walking through them. From lovely houses to balconies filled with flowers, there is a lot of magical things to fall in love with in this place. Check out the Swiss & Paris Tour Packages from Dubai.

Ideas For Romantic Getaways In Paris

Take a long romantic walk at Buttes aux Chaumont

This vast park is set high above Paris. It is sprawling and wild, which makes it very easy for a couple to find a perfect spot full of grass in the sun or a secluded corner to while away the hours with your partner on a picnic blanket.

The nearby wine shops, delis, and bakeries provide you with all you need, such as bread, cheese, wine, and treats that you will need for your picnic. You can find a temple-like structure which offers incredible views of the city. You can stand here and enjoy sunrise or sunset at this point to make the mood even more romantic.

Wander Through the Streets in Montmartre

There is something magical about the streets of Montmartre in the North of Paris. They are sloping up through its gentle and not-so-gentle hills. This place is shown in various movies than any other part of Paris.

All the streets are old, winding and cobbled, narrow, dotted with tiny restaurants, confectionaries, and bars that have been there for a very long time. You can always find a little corner in the streets of Montmartre and sit with your loved one, or wander the streets, and once you are done, you can climb way up to the Sacré-Cœur church and get a fantastic view of the Paris rooftop again.

A Boat Ride to the Temple of Love

Take your partner out to the wild Bois de Vincennes park located in the East of Paris. The park is huge, and you can surely find your quiet spot there to put down your picnic blanket. This popular hotspot for romantics is found on the lake where you can hire a row boat and sail to the Temple of Love, which is located in the middle of the water.

Visit The Louvre at Night

Visiting the Louvre is one of the most romantic things to do while in Paris, especially during the nights when the Louvre Palace and the pyramids are magnificently illuminated. Enter the Louvre after the sunset and contemplate its masterpieces in peace, without the noise or disturbance of the crowds.

If you want to make your visit more romantic, check the Louvre’s themed trail “Mighty Aphrodite, mythical love stories” which is a 90-minute long one, and “love” is the main subject. The Louvre allows night visits on Wednesday and Friday, until 9.45 pm.

Ideas For Romantic Getaways In Paris

A Room with a view of the Eiffel Tower

Although cliche, the Eiffel Tower is a must visit place for the couples when in Paris. You can book Paris Tour Packages from Dubai. Book a hotel room that will give you a clear view of the Tower where you can have candlelight dinners with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

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