6 Tips to Protect Your Car’s Exterior and Interior from Sun Damage?

For some people, cars are only a means of transport, whereas others are passionate about them. Moreover, cars are probably the most expensive asset for many of us. Hence, it becomes necessary for us to keep our vehicle protected from harmful external factors. For instance, natural sunlight and heat are indeed the biggest enemies of your vehicle’s health. It doesn’t only mess with your car’s paint job but can affect its interior and engine too.  

So with this in our mind, we’re going to discuss a few tips and offer you a brief guide on how to keep your car’s exterior and interior protected. Let’s get started: 

Protecting your Car’s Exterior

Do you know that under intense heat or direct sunlight, the temperature of your car’s exterior can reach up to 90 degrees celsius? So, even if your vehicle is old or now, it requires some protection to keep it safe from the sun. Moreover, UV-rays are at their peak during the summer season and can cause your vehicle’s colour to change or fade away by oxidizing with the exterior coating. 

Thus, here are some tips which you can follow to save your car’s exterior: 

  • Wax your vehicle: Yes, waxing your car is like giving your vehicle a pampering spa session to keep it safe from harmful UV rays. Also, this layer of wax can help in locking the natural oils with the car’s paint. 
  • Getting a paint protection film: A paint protection film is the finest investment you can make to save your car’s exterior. These invisible films can act as a shield and can even protect from everyday dust or grimes. Although the average price of PPF protection in India might cost up to 1 Lakhs INR, keep in mind that it’s a long-term investment with only beneficiary results. 
  • Check tyre pressure regularly: During the summer season, tires can quickly get under-inflated. Moreover, this dangerous combination of hot pavement and under-inflated tyres can lead to a blowout. Thus, make sure to check your tyres’ pressure regularly throughout the whole summer.  

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Protecting your Car’s Interior

Like the exterior, you must keep your car’s interior safe from high temperatures and intense heat. Remember that these harmful natural factors can mess up your car’s Dashboard, Steering, etc. 

So, to keep all of them safe, here are some tips from our end: 

  • Always find the shade: We know it’s common sense to park your car under a shade. But, how many of us do it? Sometimes, we’re either too lazy or in a rush to find a shady parking space for our car. However, for the sake of your car’s safety, it’d be best if you can take an extra 2-3 minutes to find the right parking spot for your vehicle. 
  • Seat Covers and Conditioners: To keep your car seats safe, installing seat covers and using a conditioner for leather seats are always a good idea. While the seat covers can protect your car seats from normal wear and tear, some specific conditioners and nano-coatings can help keep your leather seats in good condition. 
  • Clean the Dashboard regularly: There’s no doubt behind saying that the Dashboard is one of the most important components of a car’s interior. However, extreme heat can create dryness with a small few cracks. Moreover, even ordinary dirt and dust can cause tiny scratches. So, clean it regularly by wiping it with a micro-fibre cloth and use dash polish to maintain its shine. 

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All in all, it’s a no-brainer that being a bit more precautious with your car’s health can indeed give you positive results. Also, most of our tips mentioned above don’t need you to spend loads of money on a specific product. So, make sure to implement them regularly, and you’d not have to pay any hefty amount on your car’s exterior and interior. 

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