Travel Accessories For Road Trips

What would you call a refresh button in your life? Majority say travelling but it helps reboot your desktop only when you have a strong back up system? Too technical to understand, right? Let us understand it in a more human manner. 

You are on a road trip with your friends and your phone battery runs out, you lose the correct route, you have food particles spilt all over your car and your back hurts with all the driving. This was never your idea of fun in the very first place now, was it? 

All I am trying to tell you is that travelling can never be a fun activity until you have all your luxuries right by your side. There is no purpose of taking a break from the monotony otherwise.

6 Amazing Travel Accessories To Make Your Road Trips More Fun

#1. Window Shades

Who would ever want sun rays to be a spoilsport in a fun karaoke concert during a road trip? It is fun to be in the sun but not when you are already agitated on a road trip with all the travelling inside your car for several hours.

Sun shades become a very essential travel accessory when it could be used to block the bothering sun rays for daytime car journeys that take several hours. These shades keep the unnecessary heat out and do not let the sun snatch the vibe of the carpool karaoke.

#2. Multi-Port Car Charger

Having your spirits and smartphones charged on a long car trip is a prerequisite that you must not ensure at any cost. Many cars come with a preinstalled port for a charging cable these days so it shouldn’t appear to be any big a deal.

But the trouble arises when there are multiple cellphones in one car with one charging source. You can make your car trips absolutely stress free with this travel accessory that will help you charge multiple smartphones at the same time. 

#3. Car Cup Holder

It is a universal fact that no road trip has ever been a dry road trip. Soft drinks, if not hard ones(safety comes first), always come into the play during these journeys. No car owner would want coke spilt all over their luxurious suede car covers.

To prevent this, we can buy car cup holders as this travel accessory proves to be of a great help throughout the trip. You cannot ask your friends to avoid drinks but you can always ask them to use these car cup holders. 

#4. Back Support

It is natural for the back to go stiff and sore with the fatigue from all the driving. In this situation, it is very important to take good care of your body and its demands. You should give your back all the relief that it demands and for righteous reasons because it is not easy to drive incessantly without any halts.

A back support can fill in for that relief demand as it relaxes your back muscles and provides it a comfortable posture. This will ensure full efficiency of your body all throughout the trip.

#5. Mobile Holder

If you are travelling in the hills then you know it better than anyone else that it is a death strike for you to check your mobile phone while driving. The steep slopes and sharp turns make it impossible for the driver to spare a glance at anything other than the road. 

This situation gets even worse when the driver has to check his phone for GPS devices again and again. Having your mobile phone installed right in front of your eyes at a steady position helps a lot. This travel accessory will help the steady tracking of the route while ensuring your road safety.  

#6. Coffee Brewer Mug

The world knows caffeine is the most effective cure for sleep deprived, overworked individuals and no, I didn’t mean students, I meant drivers. Long road trips can become an over exertion for drivers especially when they avoid sleeping during night travel time. 

Sleep deprivation can lead to severe accidents. So, it is almost a compulsion that there must be instant coffee facility available for the driver all the time to keep him going ahead steadily and safely. This travel accessory will help you with the exact same requirement.


As we have learnt with our best experiences that travelling needs a lot for us, it goes the same for the cars as well. We can install as many accessories in our cars as we want for our convenience because it is going to pay well in the end.

We did learn a lot about all the fancy travel accessories such as window shades, car chargers, coffee machines, mobile holders etc. But what about the emergency travel accessories? There are several accessories that one might need in case of emergency situations such as:

  • Tyre Inflator for Car 
  • Tyre Pressure Gauge

These travel accessories are very important because they help keep the vehicle and the passengers safe and out of any danger zone. 

If you are looking forward to purchasing a tyre inflator for car or tyre pressure gauge then visit our website for some sweet offers and deals and other high quality automobile parts and car accessories.

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