What Are The Reasons To Get Noisy From Refrigerator?

Is your fridge is troubling you with sound? When your fridge is noisy, there can be many reasons for the noise. Most of the sounds you will hear from a new or old fridge is normal operating sounds. Some noises from your refrigerator can be fixed by doing a small modification to the fridge. Below are all the various sounds and noises your refrigerator can make with explanations for each.


Condenser Fan

Not all fridges have condenser fans, however, if yours does it may be located behind an entrance panel on the back of the fridge. As stated above, you should need to clean away any dirt or other debris that could be blocking the condenser motor fan. You should also want to examine the rubber grommets for any signs of wear and tear.


Refrigerator compressor noise is a general complaint; however, in some cases, the cause of the sound is the condenser fan. You can decide which it is by unplugging the motor of the condenser fan, plugging your refrigerator back in, and recognizing if the noise continues. If it does, it may be the compressor. This is a more significant problem that should be diagnosed and confirmed by a professional.

Evaporator Fan

Placed at the back of the freezer section of the refrigerator, the evaporator fan can be obtained by removing the freezer’s contents and accessing the inside panel which may have bolts or clips locking it in place.

A screwdriver may be important to remove screws, and you need to see if the blade is operating smoothly by spinning it. Inspect wires and all components for signs of wear and tear, along with grommets. If the fan blade doesn’t move smoothly or there are signs of damage or corrosion on wires or connectors, it may be required to replace these parts.


Many other issues keep your refrigerator to get noisy sounds in some unknown conditions.  Some can be fixed quickly with a quick repair, and some are not easy. At that time, you need to call the services centers of the fridge to repair correctly without getting any sounds again. There are several Refrigerator Repair Service Center in Hyderabad to provide you better repairing of fridges.

Some Of The Locations Usually Come From Are

  • If your refrigerator appears to be getting louder, you should spend some time troubleshooting fridge noises to learn about and alleviate the problem. Once you recognize where the sound is coming from, you can proceed with any repairs.
  • If the distracting noise is coming from the back of the fridge, three possible parts could be making the noise: the condenser fan, defrost timer, or the compressor. The condenser fan is placed in the back of the fridge and is sometimes covered by a panel. Noise is usually come because of dust or lint stuck between the blades of the fan.
  • If you have a self-defrosting fridge, the sound is most likely coming from the inside. This is because these kinds of refrigerators use a fan to circulate air through the refrigerator and freezer. The fan is located in the freezer, but exactly where will depend on the kind of fridge you have.

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