What Is Sandwich Panel? What Are Its Types?

What Is Sandwich Panel?

Sandwich Panel is a composite roof and facade cladding material that is produced by applying polyurethane injection in different thicknesses between the double-dyed galvanized sheet or aluminium plate.

Sandwich PanelIt is a material used for surface cladding to improve aesthetic appearance. They are separated as a facade, roof, and cold room panels. Sandwich Panels are premium roof and facade cladding materials that provide alternative solutions on buildings with their ease of installation and accessory options.  Look for Aluminium Composite Panel Suppliers that provide all types of sandwich panels for your requirements.

Galvanized sheet that is used on upper and lower surfaces is painted by Coil Coating technology. This technology makes the panels corrosion-resistant under outdoor weather conditions for many years and to have several colour options. Using insulation filler, aluminium and metal sheet in panel production provides material options that can be adopted on various carrier systems and buildings.

The basic insulation material used in the making of sandwich panels is polyurethane, in addition to stone wool and polystyrene. On painted metals, one of the paint types among PVDF,  Polyester, Plastisol and polyurethane paints are used. Generally, the paint type that is typically applied on Sandwich Panels is polyester paint.

What Are The Applications Of Sandwich Panels?

One standard application is in aircraft, where mechanical performance and weight-saving are very important. Other applications include transportation and automotive industries.

In buildings and construction, these prefabricated products are designed for use as building envelopes. They can be seen in industrial and office buildings, in clean and cold rooms and private houses as well, whether renovated or newly built. These panels combine a high-quality product with high flexibility regarding design. They usually have excellent energy-efficiency and sustainability.

In the packaging industry, applications include fluted polypropylene boards and polypropylene honeycomb boards.

What Are The Types Of Sandwich Panels?

Polystyrene Sandwich Panels

Being a kind of recent type of multi-functional building material,  this type of sandwich panel consists of steel plate at both sides and polystyrene in between. These panels are bonded with high intention adhesive at high temperature and pressure through an auto forming machine.

Polyurethane Sandwich Panels

Being a new type of multi-functional building material, it consists of steel plates on either side with polystyrene sandwiched in between them. These are bonded with high intention adhesive at high temperature and pressure with the help of auto forming machine.

Mineral Wool Sandwich Panels

Sandwich Panel

Mineral wool sandwich panels are made of two layers of weatherproof colour-plating steel plates or other metal plates and mineral wool placed in between, which is the best fireproof material. It is suitable for many roofs and walls mainly for large-size factory buildings, exhibition halls, storages, purifications workshops, freezing stores, etc., which features temperature-keeping, weight-bearing, heat insulation, weatherproof with the rich colourfulness and good appearance.

PU Sandwich Panels

Sandwich Panel

These type of sandwich panels are very light in weight hence easy to transport and install. They have high intensity and rigidity which ensures feasibility for weight-bearing structures. These panels provide good heat insulation and temp-keeping. ACP Manufacturers In India offer different thickness of the composite panels in regard to the proof load bearing and the purlin distance.

Polyurethane-Sandwich Panels

Polyurethane-sandwich panels are composed of two layers of weather-proof coloured steel sheets and jetted the hard forms of polyurethane between two layers which feature fireproof materials.

It is applicable for various roofs and walls referring to the large-size factory buildings, exhibition halls, storages,  gymnasiums, purifications workshops, freezing stores,  etc., which features heat insulation, temp-keeping, weight-bearing, weatherproof with the excellent colourfulness and good aesthetic appearance.

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