Which city of India is famous for soups?

Soups are healthier and even tastier to have. This is most often considered as evening snack also, so as to satisfy the hunger. There are different types of vegetable soups, that can be prepared of which the most popular one is tomato soup and the corn soup. Vegetable soups can either be prepared or even instant powders will be available in the market that can be mixed with hot water or as directed on the cover. Soups when taken in the evenings, generally winter season will be good for health as it will be helping to beat the cool breeze that freezes human beings.

People in India would like to have soups that are coming from ages, especially during the winter seasons. Even it is becoming a tradition in Indian functions to have soups during the functions along with the crunchy snacks. In most of the hotels, soups are also served along with the tastier starters. However, hot is the soup no one likes to leave it, but definitely they will taste it without missing the chance. There are various mouth-watering soups available in India across all the cities. Though people of all the cities wish to have these tastier and healthier soups, but mostly it is available in all the cosmopolitan cities. You can easily order soups from your favourite restaurant using Amazon Pay Swiggy Offers with great deals.

Types of soups

Soups are available in various tastes that will be satisfying ones tummy when hunger. Here are some of the most commonly available soups in India that are:

  1. Tomato soup

Tomato soup is tastier and healthier too, that is tangy as well as spicy. It can be consumed with rice as well as chapathis also.

  1. Corn soup

Corn soup is given the second most important in the list of soups. There are many people who like to have it on my when hot. Sprinkle little pepper on it to give a more spicy taste.

  1. Mushroom soup

Mushroom soup comes in various variations, such as mushroom with butter, mushroom and cream, mushroom and spinach and much tastier variety in it.

  1. Mixed vegetable soup

This is a combination of various vegetables in it will give slightly different taste with vegetables coming in between.

  1. Chicken soup

This is one of the popular non-vegetarian soups, famously available in most of the hotels in India. You can easily order this soup online at your doorstep using Paytm Cashback with a great discount.

  1. Lemon and Coriander Soup

Lemon and coriander are a wonderful combination, which will be good to taste, which makes taste buds happy. This soup contains a rich source of vitamin C.

The above mentioned are the most popular soups available in India. They go well with butter and cream when added on top of it for better taste.

Popular soups across all the Indian cities

A bowl of hot soup will keep the body hydrated, which gives an utterly unbelievable experience and strength at the same time. Some of the soups have gained regional importance and they are prepared in that particular place. Even these places are famous for those special soups prepared with lots of patience and special ingredients.

  1. Pumpkin soup

It is also generally named as pumpkin chaaru and is mostly prepared in south India. This soup is famous in coastal Andhra and is prepared in most of the occasions. Pumpkin soup will be sour and sweet to taste.

  1. Tomato soup

Tomato soup is mostly prepared in the Tamilnadu. It will be quite sour in taste and also good for health.

  1. Mulligatawny soup

Mulligatawny soup is another most popular soup prepared in Mumbai. It is a combination of vegetables and chicken, which is packed with heavy nutrients.

  1. Horse gram lentil soup

This is popularly called as ullava chaaru and is prepared in most of the cities of South India, especially in both of the Telugu states.

  1. Drumstick leaves soup

This is also known as Murungai Keerai and is a popular one in Karnataka. This soup will be quite strong to taste.

  1. Kashmiri gosh yakhini shorba

This is one of the popular non-vegetarian soup prepared in India. The name itself says that it is a famous dish of Kashmir. The main ingredient of this soup is a goat and every non-vegetarian needs to taste it at least once in their lifetime.

The above mentioned are the popular soups prepared in various states of India. When you visit these places make sure that you taste them without missing the chance. Soups are always good for health as they are packed up with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

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